Fear, Funding and Familiarity - The 3 F’s That Keep People From Pursuing Business Ownership - Part 1: Fear

12.01.24 08:23 PM By Stacey Riska

The 3 F’s That Keep People From Pursuing Business Ownership - Part 1: Fear

In the world of franchising, fear is a common but conquerable obstacle. Here's a concise, bullet-point summary of key insights from the "What's Your Next" podcast episode on tackling fear when buying a franchise:

  • Defining Fear: Often, fear is simply 'False-Evidence-Appearing-Real.' It's a natural part of the franchise acquisition process.

  • Common Fears:

    • Security Loss: Transitioning from a stable job to being your own boss.

    • Fear of Failure: Worrying about not succeeding in the new venture.

    • Debt Anxiety: Concerns about borrowing money or financial loss.

    • The Unknown: Entering a business area with no prior knowledge.

  • Personal Experience from Hosts:

    • Faced fear when choosing between different franchise sizes.

    • Concerns about failure in food service, despite a proven franchise model.

    • Ultimately, the decision was driven by factual considerations, not emotions.

    • Overcoming Fears:

      • Good vs. Bad Fear: Use fear as a motivator, not a deterrent.

      • Seek Education: Base decisions on data, logic, and facts.

      • Utilize Frameworks: Use structured approaches like the 'six Ps' for informed decisions.

      • Do Your Due Diligence: Learn from existing franchisees about their experiences.

    • Additional Advice:

      • Educate Yourself: Read books, listen to podcasts, and learn from successful business owners.

      • Understand Your 'Why': Align your personal goals with the franchise choice.

      • Remember Franchise Benefits: It's a system to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

    The episode highlights that fear, while natural, should not be a barrier to pursuing franchise ownership. These fears can be managed and overcome with the right approach, education, and mindset. Stay tuned for more on funding and familiarity in franchising!

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