From Service to Success: A Military Couple's Journey into Franchise Ownership

29.11.23 09:37 PM By Stacey Riska

Are you dreaming of owning your own business but not sure where to start? Janna and Peter, a husband-wife duo, share their inspiring journey from military service to successful franchise ownership in this episode of “What’s Your Next”. 

They worked with Franchise Dream Matchmaker Stacey Riska to find the perfect business opportunity, and their story is a testament to the possibilities that await when you take that entrepreneurial leap. Here’s their story, summarized for easy reading:


  • Janna was a probation officer, law enforcement officer, and Air Force military police officer for 13 years.

  • Peter is an Air Force officer with 13 years of service.

Seeking Change:

  • Janna felt burnt out from her job and wanted a business that brought her happiness and financial freedom.

  • Peter supported her desire for a career change while maintaining his military service.

Transferable Skills:

  • Both brought leadership, people management, and adaptability skills from their military background.

Entrepreneurial Dreams:

  • Neither had prior entrepreneurial experience or owned a business before.

  • They had discussed various business ideas over the years, including a cafe and dog training.

Starting the Journey:

  • They reached out to Stacey Riska for guidance, initially considering starting a business from scratch.

The Franchise Option:

  • Stacey introduced them to the world of franchises, emphasizing the support and structure they provide.

  • Janna and Peter chose franchising as it offered the backing and guidance they needed as first-time entrepreneurs.

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Exploring Franchise Opportunities:

  • They researched and evaluated different franchises, including pet training and pet sitting concepts.

  • Discovered Zoomin’ Groomin’ a mobile pet spa franchise, which piqued their interest.

Market Research:

  • They considered the need for their chosen franchise concept in their local area.

  • Realized that there was a demand for pet grooming services and limited competition.

Concerns and Doubts:

  • Worries about financial backing were their primary concerns.

  • They strategically planned and set aside funds to cover startup costs.

The Decision:

  • After thorough research and discussions with franchise mentors, they chose Zoomin’ Groomin’ mobile pet grooming.

The Timeline:

  • Their franchise journey took about three to four months, from initial discussions to signing the franchise agreement.

Pre-Launch Marketing:

  • Janna initiated pre-marketing efforts by promoting their business on social media and networking with local businesses.

  • She reached out to potential clients, creating awareness and generating interest in their upcoming mobile pet grooming services.

Growth Strategy:

  • Initially focused on launching one van, they plan to expand by adding more vans and grooming teams as demand grows.

  • Their goal is to maximize the potential of their initial van and then evaluate the need for additional units.

Parting Wisdom:

  • Trust the franchise process and keep an open mind.

  • If you have a business idea, explore it thoroughly and don't be afraid to seek guidance.

Janna and Peter's journey from military service to franchise ownership is a testament to the possibilities that await when you take the leap into entrepreneurship. They embraced change, followed the process, and are now on their way to owning the business of their dreams. Their story serves as inspiration for anyone seeking to transition into business ownership.

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