IKIGAI: The Magic Word That Will Give You A Happy, Healthy, Sustainable and Prosperous Life

02.08.23 08:38 PM By Stacey Riska

IKIGAI - no it’s not a new buzzword. But it is a word you’ll want to understand if you want a happy, healthy, sustainable and prosperous life.

On this episode of “What’s Your Next?” Stacey interviews Emille Bryant to unlock the secrets of living a fulfilled and purposeful life. 

You’ll learn:

  1. How to align your inner desires with the outer world 👍

  2. Wake up every day excited because you’re living a life full of passion and purpose 🏆

  3. The secrets of living a fulfilled and purposeful life 😍

  4. A roadmap for how you can implement IKIGAI 🗺️

 Emille’s journey is inspiring and you’ll leave with a roadmap for how you can implement IKIGAI into your personal and professional life.

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Contact Emille Bryant

Website: https://Go-Ikigai.com

Email: emille@Go-Ikigai.com

LinkedIn: EmilleBryant

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